Ron Crawford

Founding Pastor of New Vision Church

Reverend Crawford, showing himself approved before God received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies from the Washington Bible College. He has served at many levels during his walk with Christ.

In 1996, his heart was convicted that it was God’s will for him to plant a new church; one with a different look and feel, than traditional church ministries. He felt the need to move from a pastor-dominated environment to a pastor-facilitated environment that would be interactive – where people contribute to their own process of change; where contemporary praise and worship, real life stories and relevant preaching dominate the environment; and a place where people are motivated to run a better race for Christ.

Pastor Crawford wanted the kind of ministry to not only produce change and growth within the body of New Vision, but to also give birth to new churches in key communities across the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

He serves as the leader for a group of pastors in the Maryland area that promotes church planting. Pastor Crawford also partnered with pastors in the Bowie area to promote unity, diversity and the expansion of the gospel of Christ. New Vision is in partnership with a conference whose primary goal is to plant churches and spread the good news throughout all communities.

Pastor Ron, believes that making scripture personal is key to one’s relationship with Christ. One of his personal favorites is Luke 6:38, “Give and it will be given to you…” He believes, if the church conveys the multifaceted grace of God in relevant ways to people, then ministries cannot help but receive God’s selective blessings and promote a kingdom where Christ reigns as king.

The ministry of New Vision is doing all that it can through God’s empowerment to make that a reality.