Harold Calvin

Elder Emeritus

Harold Calvin has served as support leader for the Multi-Media Ministries at New Vision. The Multi-Media Ministries include Presentation, Communications, Audio, Video and Print.

He and His wife Sharon live in Bowie, Maryland with their son Isaiah (Kristen). Elder Calvin keeps Christ at the center of his life and makes every effort to lock into God’s frequency, allowing the Word of God to control his life. It is his prayer with the aid of the Holy Spirit that his life will continue to be transformed so that he may glorify God, by obeying the great commission and being obedient to His word. When asked what he feels his strengths are in relation to his walk with God, Elder Calvin said his strengths are in making disciples of Jesus – starting first with his family.

“The Lord has given me a gift of establishment. There are many assignments that the Lord has given me to establish, organize and then train others to carry out His work. As I continue to grow in Christ, I’m learning to find out where God is working and then to join him in that work.”