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Sunday, 05 Jul 2020

Scholarship Ministry

Servanthood Ministries

These ministries are involved in building up the body of Christ through supporting the internal structure of the church and making certain the needs of the congregation are met. These ministries understand that there are many new experiences for a person entering a fellowship of believers, either for the first time, or as a result of a relocating. And, these ministries are in place to make that transition smooth.

Contribute to the Scholarship Fund

Individuals and businesses that would like to make a donation to the New Vision Church scholarship fund can do so by downloading and submitting this donor form OR making a contribution via PayPal.

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The New Vision Scholarship Team is responsible for the oversight of the scholarship application process and recommending scholarship awards in accordance with the vision and guidance of the New Vision Church senior leadership. The New Vision Scholarship Team was authorized in 2013 by the Elder Board.

Ministry Charge:

Coordinate the application, delivery, and selection process for scholarships including:

  1. Design and distribute New Vision student scholarship(s).
  2. Be aware of, and operate within the standards and goals set forth by the Elder Board.
  3. Act as ambassadors and advocates on behalf of the New Vision Church Scholarship Team regarding marketing/ public relations and fundraising.
  4. Announce scholarship requirements.
  5. Review scholarship applications and make recommendations to the Elder Board for final approval.
  6. Preserve the confidentiality of all Team discussions and protect funding donors and applicants' privacy at all times.
  7. Avoid any conflict of interest and disclose any possible conflict in a timely fashion.
  8. Distribute Correspondence – Letters for Receipt of Application and Resume, Scholarship Recognition and Scholarship Award.
  9. Announce scholarship recipients.

Scripture: Proverbs 16:16, 20

"How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver! Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord."

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