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Sunday, 05 Jul 2020
Friday, 13 July 2012 00:00

Seizing the Talent

In this year 2012, as we are "Seizing the Talent," feel free to join me in dialogue about the sermons you hear and other situations you experience in our worship. In an earlier sermon this year, Music Minister Cornelius Berkeley used Sheryl Gonzalez to read his lengthy passage of scripture. If he or myself would have attempted to read it, it would have been a train-wreck; but Sheryl skillfully and dramatically read the passage to our pleasure and most of all to our understanding.

She used her natural talent of reading to assist Corn and help us in getting the Word. That is how the different talents throughout the body should work together. I hope each of you will use what you have to make New Vision a better place. It is certainly true, if you don't use your Talent, you are diminishing NV's potential and our blessing. Let's keep the conversation going.

Pastor Ronald Craword

Reverend Crawford, showing himself approved before God, received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Pastoral Studies from the Washington Bible College.  He has served at many levels during his walk with Christ. In 1996, his heart was convicted that it was God’s will for him to plant a new church -- one with a different look and feel than traditional church ministries. He felt the need to move from a pastor-dominated environment to a pastor-facilitated environment that would be interactive - where people contribute to their own process of change; where contemporary praise and worship, real life stories and relevant preaching dominate the environment; and a place where people are motivated to run a better race for Christ.