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Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020

Minister Michael Logan

Minister Michael Logan Minister Michael Logan

Michael Logan is a native Washingtonian, proud husband & father, and a lover of God, people, music and technology.  Long before accepting Christ, Minister Logan felt a deep conviction for loving others and a sense of accountability to something greater.  When he finally gave his life to Christ at a youth revival during his junior year of high school, it was more of a formal introduction to someone he had known all his life.  This is reflected in his favorite bible verse, Romans 1:20.

God has used Minister Logan's love of music and people to create relationships integral to his spiritual development.  Those relationships eventually led to music ministry, New Vision Church, a close network of fellow believers & friends, and his beautiful wife, Jamila.  Minister Logan has been the leader of the Male Praise Team for over a decade and also serves as the assistant to the Minister of Music.  He currently leads the Social Media Ministry and serves in the Communications Ministry.  Over the years, Michael has also served in the Presiders Ministry, Couples Ministry, and The Learning Zone.  His primary spiritual gifts are teaching, leadership and showing mercy.  He looks forward to growing obediently and fearlessly in Christ.

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