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Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019

Reverend Alexander Dabney

Reverend Alex DabneyReverend Alexander Dabney “The Lord has called me to assist wherever I am in making sure that sound doctrine is taught and encouraged. It is imperative for me to spread the gospel through the preached Word and promoting the study and adherence to the teachings of the Bible,” says Minister Alexander Dabney.

In 1995, Minister Dabney received his license to preach and was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1997 at Jerusalem Baptist Church, where he also served as Deacon and Youth Minister.

Minister Dabney is very faithful when it comes to studying the Word of God. Over the years, he has developed a great love for the Scriptures. Alex established an "In His Presence" Bible study as a direct result of his conviction about knowing and understanding God’s Word. The purpose of the study group was to provide an intimate setting where people could search the Scriptures and become equipped to ‘rightly divide the Word of Truth”.

Minister Dabney's walk in ministry keeps him involved. He heads up New Vision’s Learning Zone Bible study class, which is held every Sunday at 9:15am. In this class, he is teaching people to ‘rightly divide the word of truth”, so that they too can profess with conviction, knowledge and understanding their faith and belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


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